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those special moments.

Art is about communication. We believe in a communicative experience in order to inspire moods, thoughts, and feelings. Our goal is to produce art that helps you to reconnect with fond memories by bringing to life your favorite portraits, pets, favorite places, homes/buildings, weddings, and anniversary's as well as many other precious artworks. Whether for a friend, loved one, or simply for yourself, we aspire to create art that connects with you on a deeper level.

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Personal portraits can be a perfect way to create an emotional connection. Producing detailed characters
and personalities in each portrait, bringing joy to people's lives and capturing their special moments. 

Beautiful picture of a cat and dog


Bringing pet portraits to life is to capture the essence of our furry friends and their unique characteristics. Creating a beautiful gift for a loved one or just for your own home. 


Favourite Places

Landscape art allows you to create your favorite places, by expression and visually demonstrate artwork from both past and present. Capturing its natural scenery and obvious beauty.



Home and building portraits often begin with a single line that creates structure, depth, perspective, and details. Capturing the beauty and personality that tells a story. 


  • It is important to remember that a good quality digital or printed photo can make all the difference for a good portrait. Each sketch is personally
    hand-drawn with graphite pencil and customized.


  • I offer a variety of sizes to choose from. each sketch will include a standard frame (optional) along with an original Certificate of Authenticity.

  • It takes an average of 4-6 weeks to complete and will require a deposit of 40% down with the remaining balance on completion.

For more information please view Pricing and Ordering. 
Or contact me through my Email:



"It was truly amazing..."

"Thank you Lydia for the amazing picture you drew for my Dad's 80th Birthday. It was truly amazing, he was so impressed with the picture and how you got every fine detail from the original. We are ecstatic with the work that you did. You truly are an amazing artist. I can hardly wait for the next project I am going to get you to do."


Yours truly,

Rita H.


After leaving Trinidad, Lydia made her way to Canada and now currently resides in Barrie, Ontario. 

During her early years she developed a passion for art, which always came naturally. Her love for history, reading, video games and music became an inspiration in pursuing a path to becoming a full-time artist.

She further went on to obtain a 3-year Business Administration diploma, which sparked a desire to focus and pursue her own business in the arts. Being a self-taught artist, much of her learning came from developing  her own unique style. She is best known for working with graphite pencils, acrylic paints, ink pens, colour pencils, pastels and other art mediums. She continues to express herself through her art and always seeking new ways to improve herself.

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