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"An artist is not paid for his labour but for his vision"

                                     -James Mc Neil Whistler


  • 11"x14"   (Framed 14"x18") - $250,   1-2 Subjects    ($50+ per additional subject) 

  • 8"x10"    (Framed 10"x13") - $190,   1-2 Subjects    ($35+ per additional subject)

  • 5"x7"      (Framed 8"x10")   - $150 ,  1-2 Subjects    ($25+ per additional subject)

Portraits make unique gifts for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas gifts, baby showers, graduations, as well as other events and celebrations.
With reasonable and affordable prices we offer you a complete and detailed one of a kind package, bringing to life fond memories of your favorite photograph.



When placing an order, please remember that pencil sketch portraits take an average of 4-6 weeks to complete depending on the subject, size and detail. For special events and other occasions, it is advisable that enough time be given in order for it to be completed on time.

* Please remember that a description of the art piece

 should be written out in detail and sent by email, so that I may be able to refer to the art work when necessary.

To enquire more about your sketch ideas, you can contact me through the website or by email at:

Once we have decided on a suitable option, you can customize you portrait by adding the details that you would like to include or remove from your reference photo. To get started an outline will be sent for your approval. You will receive a progressive update while your sketch or portrait is being created.

A deposit of 40% down or payment in full would be required to confirm your order, the remaining balance will be due upon completion. This payment or purchase can be made through an e-transfer for your convenience and will be ready for pick up. 

Portraits can be created from as many photos as you like by adding in a loved one to your sketch, as long as the reference photos are clear and detailed enough to work with. Please contact me for older photo references.

On completion of your artwork, other prints can be created from the original. As part of our service, we also provide our customers with an optional standard frame.


All artwork will be securely wrapped and packaged, should you require shipping. (Please note all prices will be in CDN funds only. Taxes are included) 

Each piece will include:

  • Certificate of Authenticity 

  • Bill of Sale

  • Tips (taking care of your art piece)

  • Frame(optional) 

  • All portraits will be sprayed for extra protection 


We offer a reliable and efficient means of shipping your complete artwork in the Barrie and GTA area. It will be securely wrapped and packaged with all the necessary information to ensure that your artwork arrives safely. 

*Shipping and Handling not included. 

R E T U R N    P O L I C Y

This process involves time and planning for custom workpieces. Unfortunately, there would be no refunds. However, if a deposit has been made, your art piece can be put on hold. 

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